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UYAFA for the talented boys and girls living in the countryside, "For your future, eat healthy, live, and don't waste your water!" Project has an important identity and mission. Following the historical past and the period of periodic and fluctuating processes between 2008 and 2018, the Anatolian Sports Academy in 2018 underwent a structural and institutional change as UYAFA and it starts new season in our life.

UYAFA project chairman, management and technical coordinator of the board of directors of UYAFA, UYAFA project-UYAFA CUP-UYAFA football school organization and functioning of the organization has made serious investments in the organization and some models of education and training has been put into practice and it is a part of a life project. The most important and admirable breakthroughs that cannot be passed without emphasising are realized for our talented children living in rural areas and they are really a good example.

The important issue and information need of UYAFA are related to education formation, educational approach, educational content and educational applications. Of course, a project with an education building for the age group of 6-12 should be appreciated first. Nevertheless, what and how and when they are taught to those age groups should be wondered and should be resolved. Because nothing that is good, beautiful and right should not be concealed and clearly shared, so that everyone can benefit from it.



Respecting with Respect in the World

The problem is not to save the day in football, but to rebuild tomorrow.
Implementing the Training and Training Program Model, the real professional football players who are the boys and girls of these lands
to be recognized in the world as an example project.


Modern Football Training

This world's boys and girls open the way to grow to do sports,
to contribute to their being a sporting individual and
Selected "Natural" Talented ones,
Giving "Modern Football Training",
high quality and capacity as cular real "Professional Football Players".